Insulation Abseiling

A low-cost method of installing cavity wall insulation into tower blocks

At Kershaw Insulation we are always looking at new and innovative ways to save our clients time and money. We are one of the only companies in the UK that can offer specialist abseiling techniques to carry out high rise insulation installation.

This innovative technique can overcome the challenges associated with installing cavity wall insulation into tower blocks. It eliminates the need for the landlord to arrange scaffolding, which is time-consuming and costly and enables the work to be undertaken with minimum disruption to tenants. 

The Abseiling Installation Process

Teams of abseilers work suspended from harnesses fixed to the roof mountings and scale down from the top of the building. One set of abseilers drills the holes for the insulation, working to a specified drill pattern until they reach the ground floor, with their drilling equipment suspended on a lanyard attached to their harness.

At the same time, site supervisors fill 'Timco machine hoppers', located in vans at the site, with Rockwool Energy Saver, a blown cavity wall insulation material, ready for the filling procedure. When the drilling is complete, a second team starts from the top floor, holding the injection nozzles and pipes, also suspended from lanyards, which are connected to the Timco machines. After each hole is injected into, it is filled with cement to match the existing mortar joints seamlessly.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is paramount to the process. The site operations team operates a stringent no-go traffic management system below and acts as a resident liaison for the tenants and public. The abseilers use radio control for communication, and emergency response should it be required. They are members of the Industrial Rope Access Association (IRATA) and hold the Certificate of Competence in Rope Access.

Kershaw ensures the work complies with its BBA Approved inspection testing certificate and meets the requirements of the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA).

The Benefits of Using Abseiling Over Traditional Scaffolding

  • Significantly lower cost
  • Far quicker turnaround time
  • Minimal set-up which is less intrusive to tenants
  • Enables installation into hard to treat buildings higher than three storeys
  • Removes the security issue for tenants introduced when scaffolding is used
  • Removes disruption to tenant services such as satellite transmission.