St. Elizabeth’s Hospice, Ipswich

St. Elizabeth’s Hospice is an independent charity, providing services free of charge, dedicated to improving the lives of people with progressive illnesses.  It helps individuals deal with problems such as pain, anxiety and fatigue, providing specialist support, as well as offering practical advice and family support.

Kershaw Insulation was appointed by Hutton Construction Ltd on behalf of St. Elizabeth’s Hospice - on Phase 1 of an on-going two-year programme of refurbishment to the entire, existing building - to apply its expertise in two areas: loft insulation and fire protection.

The Phase 1 works were undertaken in the In-patient area consisting of three and four-bed wards, and single rooms, ancillary rooms and two family rooms. Kershaw installed YBS Multifoil rafter insulation up the sloping roofs as well as upgrading the existing loft insulation on the horizontal ceiling, and installed new fire barriers, where needed, to compartmentalise the roof space area as well as carrying out repairs to existing barriers.

The rest of the Hospice, which is a considerably sized building, comprises offices, bathrooms, kitchens and lecture facilities.