Kershaw Insulation Services Expand to Include Thermal Imaging

June 06 2018

Kershaw Insulation is delighted to be expanding their offering by adding thermal imaging to the list of services available.

Thermal imaging provides an important source of information for building maintenance and monitoring.  The process of using a thermal imaging camera allows the operator to view images of the heat patterns emitted and in context this information can be used to identify patterns of heat radiation that can indicate an area of fault or interest.

Russ Crane, Director of Sales, Kershaw Insulation said “We are really pleased to be able to offer Thermal Imaging as a solution for identifying potential faults within buildings. The use of the thermal camera is able to identify any insulation deficiencies or potential areas of dampness.” He continued “For example, thermal imaging can be used on new-build properties to ensure they are adequately insulated, or to check for faults on older properties”

Whether it is to ensure compliance with Part L2(b) of building regulations, check for paths of air leakage, carry out general insulation checks Kershaw Insulation will be able to provide a survey to fit your requirements.

Visit our Thermal Imaging page for further information.