Free Loft Insulation Installed for Cambridgeshire Family

December 02 2015

Insulation and renewable energy installation specialist, Kershaw Contracting Services Limited recently stepped in to help the Hadman family whose five year old daughter Effie has the very rare neurodegenerative illness, Late Infantile Battens Disease that affects young children.

Kershaw was approached by one of their new build clients – Rose Homes Ltd based in Whittlesey where the Hadmans live – to ask if they could help the family by installing loft insulation into their bungalow.  The housebuilder and property refurbishment company was nearing completion on the second of two extensions it had built for the family, which included a new bedroom with lifting equipment and a sensory bathroom, and these as well as the rest of the bungalow needed the roof spaces insulating.

Russ Crane, Kershaw Contracting Services’ Business Development Manager for new build insulation (pictured right with Mr Hadman), said “We were more than happy to give our services free of charge on this project.  The Ursa insulation we installed will make the house warmer and save the family money on fuel bills, and the extensions by our client Rose Homes will help to improve Effie and her family’s day-to-day life.”