Energy experts call for Google power scheme to come to Cambridge

March 01 2009

A local company that specialises in helping people save energy is calling on Google to extend its new power monitoring scheme to Cambridge.

Experts at domestic insulation and central heating company Kershaw Contracting Services believe the scheme recently announced could revolutionise the way people cut their energy usage, reducing their impact on the environment.

Google launched PowerMeter, where information from people’s smart electricity meters is fed to the internet giant.

It then makes it easy for households to analyse online where they can save energy.

The free scheme is being tested in the States, but it’s not yet known if there are any plans to bring it to the UK.

Ian Macklin, the Managing Director of Cambridge company Kershaw Contracting Services, said: “One of the key ways to save energy in your home is to know where the energy is going. This Google scheme gives you that information.

“One person in the trials discovered that using their oven grill to make toast consumed 33 times more electricity than using a toaster. What an incredible piece of knowledge to reduce your impact on the environment, and your power bills.”

He added: “We are calling on Google to bring this scheme to the UK as quickly as possible so people in Cambridge can benefit.”

You can read more about Google PowerMeter here.

Kershaw Contracting Services is a division of the Cambridge-based Kershaw Group.

It was recently rewarded for its long-term commitment to excellent health and safety by being accepted into the exclusive SAFEcontractor programme.

Parts of the Kershaw Group have a history stretching back 120 years. It employs 183 people and is well known for its involvement in the community.



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