Energy expert calls for Scottish loans scheme to come to Cambridge

October 30 2009

A city energy expert is suggesting a new Scottish scheme offering homeowners loans for insulation, is adopted in Cambridge.

Ian Macklin is the Managing Director of Cottenham insulation and heating company Kershaw Contracting Services.

And he believes homeowners here would be appreciate the chance to borrow money now to reduce their energy bills in the future.

In the Scottish scheme recently announced, homeowners will be able to borrow the money needed to pay for insulation and other energy-saving measures now.

Their energy bills will then drop – giving them the spare cash to repay the loan in the future.

“This is a stunningly simple way to make more homes in Cambridge more green, more quickly,” said Ian.

“It’s proven that adding more insulation to a home significantly reduces the amount of fuel that needs to be burned to heat it, helping the environment and reducing the cost of heating a home.

“You basically offer people the chance to borrow against their future energy savings. The thing that stops people putting more insulation in their home right now is the capital expenditure.

“This gets round that problem. Over time it could be a self funding scheme and would make Cambridge one of the greenest places in the UK.”

Ian believes the government could start offering the insulation loans.

Currently Cambridge homeowners have to fund insulation projects themselves, or apply for a grant if they have a reduced income.

Kershaw Contracting Services specialises in fitting cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and high efficiency central heating systems.

It is part of the city’s Kershaw Group, famous for sponsoring Cambridge United’s away shirts.

Notes to Editors

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