Effective Crop Storage with Spray Foam Insulation

June 05 2018

With ever increasing energy bills, insulation plays a vital role in reducing some of the costs farmers are facing.  It is no secret that one of the largest expenses farmers is heating or cooling barns and farm buildings.

Sprayfoam has proven to be extremely effective not only as a form of insulation but as a tool to assist the farmer in the protection of stored crops. An insulated crop store will enable crops to be stored in the best condition for longer. 

The use of Sprayfoam insulation in farm buildings can help aid condensation and temperature control whilst providing structural stabilisation.  Due to the breathable nature of Sprayfoam insulation, it doesn’t lock in damp but has superior insulation and noise control properties.

Sprayfoam insulation can prevent condensation and frost damage to crops, help retain a consistent temperature within the farm building, therefore, help to conserve energy from the heating and cooling process. In general, the cost of insulation can generally be recouped from one year onwards with ongoing savings thereafter.

There are many benefits to using spray insulation in farm buildings, here are some of them:

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs by 40-60%
  • No food value for rodents or insects
  • Quick drying application to existing buildings
  • Deals with all cracks, penetrations and air leaks
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces and stops condensation
  • Does not harbour mould and mildew

For more information on the benefits of using Sprayfoam insulation, contact our insulation division on 01223 715 820.