Cottenham company handles tricky asbestos removal from library

November 01 2009

A Cottenham company has started another asbestos removal contract in a sensitive building.

Broad Lane-based Kershaw Contracting Services will be removing asbestos from a library in a new £20,000 contract.

It’s the second asbestos removal contract from a library this year for the company, which specialises in sensitive buildings across the UK.

Previous contracts have included medical facilities and schools. Due to confidentiality agreements, clients cannot normally be named.

“Asbestos is a nasty, dangerous substance and removing it has to be done with extreme care, adhering to a very comprehensive set of rules,” said managing director Ian Macklin.

“Asbestos was widely used as a building material throughout the 20th century. When it is intact it is safe, but once broken it releases dangerous fibres that can lodge in your lungs and cause terrible cancers and other diseases.

“There is thought to be still more than a million tonnes of it present in UK buildings.”

Ian added: “When we remove asbestos from buildings we have to ensure than not a single fibre is allowed to escape, and that our staff and people using the building are fully protected at every single step.

“It is hot sweaty work with lots of monitoring using the latest equipment, but it is the only way to guarantee buildings are safe for renovation work or demolition to happen.”

Kershaw Contracting Services’ commitment to safety has paid off. This year it was rewarded for its long-term commitment to excellent health and safety by being accepted into the exclusive SAFEcontractor programme.

As well as its asbestos work, Kershaw Contracting Services specialises in fitting cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and high efficiency central heating systems.

The company is a division of the Cambridge-based Kershaw Group.

Parts of the Kershaw Group have a history stretching back 120 years. It employs 183 people and is well known for its involvement in the community.




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