Christmas Raffle Raises Funds for Local Children’s Charities

January 03 2018

Staff from the Cambridge based construction company, the Kershaw Group, rounded off 2017 by raising £3,495 for two local charities, at their annual Christmas lunch and charity raffle.

The money will be split between two children’s charities – Dreamdrops and Blue Smile.

Peggy Burch who organises Kershaw’s fundraising said: “We are delighted to support both Dreamdrops and Blue Smile through our fundraising activities.” She continued “As a company, it is very important to us to support local charities, and this year these two stood out to us as they provide excellent services to support children and their families.”

Dreamdrops, based in St. Ives has been set up to buy the little and large extras, not covered by NHS public funds, but which make a hospital stay more comfortable for children and their families.  The charities work also extends to help sick children who are being cared for at home. Further information about Dreamdrops can be found via their website:

Blue Smile is a new Cambridgeshire children’s charity that provides counselling and therapy for pupils in schools between the ages of 3 and 13 during a critical window of opportunity for change. This kind of targeted early intervention can help prevent later mental illness and associated anti-social and offending behaviours. Further information about Blue Smile can be found via their website: