Cambridge property investors must use tax break by 5th April

March 23 2009

Amateur property investors in Cambridge are being reminded to make the most of tax breaks on energy saving measures before the end of the tax year.

Experts at domestic insulation and central heating company Kershaw Contracting Services say rules allow people who have invested in a “buy to let” property to make it green much more cheaply.

They can claim up to £1,500 tax relief on profits if they invest in several types of insulation, including loft and cavity wall insulation.

But the work must be completed before 5th April to be eligible for the current tax year.

Ian Macklin, the Managing Director of Cambridge company Kershaw Contracting Services, said: “Installing loft and cavity wall insulation is essential to keep energy bills low and reduce the impact of the property on the environment.

“Potential tenants love a well insulated house, as they see it as a warmer home to live in. Property landlords should not miss out on this generous tax relief in this tax year.”

He added: “Loft insulation in particular is quick and easy to fit, and relatively inexpensive, so their cash flow won’t be too badly affected.”

Currently, homes account for 27% of the UK's carbon emissions through heating and power.

Earlier this year, statistics showed it was the coldest start to a winter since 1976.

And it was revealed that turning up your thermostat by just one degree can put heating bills up by ten per cent.

Kershaw Contracting Services is a division of the Cambridge-based Kershaw Group.

It was recently rewarded for its long-term commitment to excellent health and safety by being accepted into the exclusive SAFEcontractor programme.

Parts of the Kershaw Group have a history stretching back 120 years. It employs 183 people and is well known for its involvement in the community.



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