Cambridge people with poorly-insulated homes could be “punished”

September 01 2009

Homeowners in Cambridge could be banned from selling their home if it’s not insulated properly, under new proposals.

They could also face higher council tax bills and additional stamp duty.

Now a local insulation expert is warning homeowners to take action now to insulate their homes – reaping an immediate benefit in lower heating bills.

Ian Macklin, the Managing Director of Cottenham insulation and heating company Kershaw Contracting Services, has studied new proposals by government advisory body The Energy Saving Trust.

He said: “These proposals would see a fifth of homeowners ‘punished’ for not insulating their home properly.

“A fifth of homes sit in the lowest two bands for energy performance. The Energy Saving Trust would like to see them have higher council tax bills, extra stamp duty, and restrictions on selling their home or renting it out.

“While I think there is a need to push people into action, I believe in more of a carrot than a stick approach.”

Ian added: “A well insulated home brings an immediate benefit to the homeowner. When loft and cavity wall insulation are fitted less heat escapes, so you don’t need to burn as much fuel to heat the home.

“That means an immediate reduction in heating bills. It’s also possible to get a number of grants to help fit the insulation.

“If the government wants to get urgent action from homeowners it should make it easy for them to get good quality insulation for free.”

Since last October, all homes offered for sale or rent have had to get an energy performance certificate, which ranks them in one of seven bands.

The trust is advising the government to take measures further and to make it illegal to sell homes rated lower than Band E from 2015 onwards.

Kershaw Contracting Services specialises in fitting cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and high efficiency central heating systems.

It is part of the city’s Kershaw Group, famous for sponsoring Cambridge United’s away shirts.

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