Cambridge firm hopes to benefit from London OAP insulation push

January 01 2009

A Cambridge company which specialises in fitting green domestic insulation and new boilers is hoping to see new business from a scheme just announced for Londoners.

Kershaw Contracting Services, based in Cottenham, is well placed to get extra work after an announcement by mayor Boris Johnson.

He recently launched an awareness campaign to get older Londoners to claim benefits they are entitled to, including free loft and cavity wall insulation paid for with government grants.

Kershaw Contracting Services is approved to carry out work such as this in Cambridge and around the UK.

Managing Director Mick Rayson said: “A large proportion of our business is fitting insulation to make peoples’ homes warmer. This is exactly the kind of work Boris Johnson is promoting in London.

“Because the work is paid for under a grant scheme, it means contractors across the UK should be used for the work. We will be positioning our business to make sure some of this extra work comes to us.

Mick added: “It’s paid for under a grant scheme meaning many people, especially OAPs, can get warmer homes at absolutely no cost. And it’s not just Londoners who can benefit; local OAPs can benefit as well, and should contact us to find out more.”

This potential extra boost in business is a great start to 2009 for Kershaw Contracting Services, after an excellent end to last year.

In December it announced £575,000 of new orders for housing associations and councils around the UK.

Kershaw Contracting Services is a division of the Cambridge-based Kershaw Group, which employs 183 people.

Parts of the group have a history stretching back 120 years. It’s well known for its involvement in the community.



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