Average energy bill £1,300 as Cambridge faces coldest winter since 1976

January 25 2009

Statistics say it is the coldest start to a winter since 1976 – and that’s likely to mean huge heating bills for homeowners in Cambridge this year.

The average household energy bill is now a stunning £1,300 a year.

And that’s prompted a local company that specialises in fitting green domestic insulation and new boilers to provide five powerful tips to reduce fuel bills.

They’ve been put together by Mick Rayson, the Managing Director of Kershaw Contracting Services.

He said: “The recent bitterly cold start to the year will have cost many householders in Cambridge a lot of money. Just turning up your thermostat by one degree can put heating bills up by ten per cent.

“In January people tend to stay in more as they can’t afford to go out, and that will also have an impact on their heating bills. However it’s easy to take some basic steps to save plenty of energy in your home to keep the heat up and the bills down.”

Mick’s five tips are:

1. Put extra insulation in your loft: A third of warmth lost in your home is through the walls, according to the Home Heat Helpline. Something as simple as additional loft insulation means you pay less to heat your home. It will also reduce your contribution to climate change.

2. Get a new efficient boiler: Your boiler may seem to work OK to you but have you thought about checking how energy efficient it is? This could be a project to plan for the summer, as some boiler companies charge less to install new more energy efficient boilers during summer months.

3. Apply for any grants you are eligible for: If you are an OAP you are eligible to apply for a 100% insulation grant. You can use it to make your house more energy efficient. This includes new loft insulation and filling cavity walls.

4. Don’t let warm air out: Sealing up cracks and gaps in doors and windows will keep in warm air and keep the house insulated meaning you can are able to turn down your heating.

5. Have an energy conservation survey carried out by an expert: You could have an energy conservation survey carried out by an expert to spot excessive and unnecessary uses of energy in your home.

Kershaw Contracting Services is a division of the Cambridge-based Kershaw Group.

It was recently rewarded for its long-term commitment to excellent health and safety by being accepted into the exclusive SAFEcontractor programme.

Parts of the Kershaw Group have a history stretching back 120 years. It employs 183 people and is well known for its involvement in the community.



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